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Thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce, shopping has become a much less time-consuming process. And it’s not all about time, in fact – there are lots of other perks that buying things on the Internet gives you. First of all, you get to save a lot of money as you no longer have to go for whatever is offered in the local shop around the corner. You get to drive through dozens of shops at once and choose the most attractive deals – virtually, not literally, of course. Thanks to all those price comparison sites and meta-searches, overpaying for something is definitely a thing of the past now.
Besides, what is also very important is what online shopping has done for our much valued privacy. Buying things we’d rather not let other people see us buying is so much easier than it used to be just a few years ago. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be stuff from sex shops or anything else of that kind – these days you can easily order erectile dysfunction pills on the Internet, which is something that most men suffering from ED are more than just happy to do. Among those shopping for potency pills online Cialis (both brand-name and generic) is probably the most popular option. Here in this article we will explain why it is so – and give a bunch of very important hints that anyone willing to buy Cialis online will definitely find useful.

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What is Cialis?

Before we switch on to discussing the pros and cons online, let’s spend a couple of minutes to state it once again what Cialis is and why having it available for purchase online is so important. Cialis is a medication used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction – a so-called PDE5 inhibitor, which helps to restore the healthy balance of chemicals in a man’s body, thus allowing one to restore healthy sexual function compromised by blood circulation disorders. Tadalafil, which is the main active ingredient in Cialis, relaxes the smooth muscles lining blood vessels in pelvic area, thanks to which more blood can enter the penis during sexual stimulation, making it increase in size and grow harder.

Cialis is currently the second most popular in the ‘big triad’ of ED medications comprising itself, Viagra and Levitra. This is actually interesting because it was launched after Viagra and Levitra but quickly managed to overcome the latter and is currently gaining up on the founding father of ED meds, Viagra. Such outstanding popularity is due to the fact that Viagra and Levitra are inferior to Cialis in many ways – they have shorter duration of effect, they cause more side effects and are more susceptible to alcohol and fatty foods, which are known to weaken their effect. However, they are still preferred by quite a few people – mostly those who were not recommended to take Cialis due to one or another reason or those who don’t need their ED pills to work for 2 days in a row and get all the sex they want in 6-8 hours, during which the effect of Viagra and Levitra lasts.

No, there is no exaggeration in the previous paragraph – Cialis (or, actually, Tadalafil) is the only ED medication that works for up to 36 hours after being taken. This peculiarity is exactly what gave it its famous nickname – ‘the weekend pill’. As it turns out, there are many men who take Cialis on Friday night and dedicate the weekend to enjoying its long-lasting effect.

In addition to the 36-hour version intended for taking on as-needed basis, Cialis is also available as low-strength pills for daily use. Curiously enough, this is also a one-of-a-kind medication that no Sildenafil- (Viagra) or Vardenafil-based (Levitra) pills can match. Some doctors prescribe it only to those men who have sex more frequently than twice a week while others tend to use it in any patients looking for a chance to enjoy healthy sexual activity without having to time it. One way or another, most healthcare providers agree that daily Cialis is just as safe as the 36-hour pill.

There are four strengths that brand-name Cialis and most generic Tadalafil-based medications are available in – 20mg and 10 mg for the 36-hour version and 2.5 mg and 5 mg for daily pills. Some manufacturers also market pills with different strengths but we strongly recommend that you refrain from trying those as researches show that a healthy dose of Tadalafil taken at once shouldn’t exceed 20 mg. Exceeding this dose can potentially be harmful.

Where and how can I buy Cialis online?

There are a few options available to every customer willing to buy Cialis online. Here in this article we plan to list the most popular and most reliable of those and talk about each in detail. Please, note that we intentionally do not include buying Cialis online from classifieds like Craigslist into our list – even though it is also an option available to many, we don’t recommend you to do this as the risks of running into ineffective or even dangerous medications when purchasing them from individuals, not online pharmacies, are always very high.

So, the first real option that you have on your hands is ordering Cialis online from the official site of its manufacturer. The funny thing is that it is also the only option that allows you to get your Cialis absolutely for free, without paying even a single cent for it. See, this website is mostly intended for informational purposes and doesn’t sell Cialis. However, if it’s your first time using this medication, you are eligible for receiving the free starter pack comprising 30 daily Cialis pills or 3 Cialis pills for use as needed. All you have to do is download the voucher from the site, show it to your doctor, get a prescription and exchange the prescription and the voucher for a few free pills at a partner pharmacy participating in this giveaway (the network of such pharmacies includes most chain drugstores in most cities across the United States).

Have already used Cialis before and are looking for a place to buy it online? Don’t worry, there will be plenty of sites for you to choose from – but first you need to decide whether you are interested in brand-name Cialis or one of its countless generics. Brand-name Cialis is a Tadalafil-based medication manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company, an American pharmaceutical enterprise holding the exclusive patent for Tadalafil for treating ED in quite a few countries of the world. Generic Cialis is the same medication manufactured by other companies in countries where Eli Lilly is not the only player in the Tadalafil market. Brand-name Cialis costs around $35 a pill in United States and $10-20 in other countries of the world while 1 pill of generic Cialis can cost as cheap as $1 and still be perfectly effective. We are not trying to promote any of these, however – the choice is always up to you.

If you want to stick with the original Cialis, you have a fairly wide variety of choice. You can choose among the online outlets of the largest chain pharmacies like CVS or Kroeger’s, place your orders on the websites of Walmart, Kmart or Costco or shop at any of the countless smaller online pharmacies selling brand-name Cialis. However, you should note that there won’t be too many of the latter available to buyers from the United States – as the market is regulated very strictly there, most smaller pharmacies selling brand-name Cialis to Americans are based in the neighboring countries like Canada or Mexico.

Another thing that you should remember when ordering brand-name Cialis online is that you will most probably have to have your prescription in place. Besides, very few bigger online pharmacies specializing in prescription meds offer door-to-door delivery – in most of the cases you will have to go collect your order from the land-based drugstore in your vicinity.

The whole thing seems to be much easier for generic Cialis buyers – there are literally hundreds of online pharmacies to choose from and the best part is that lots of them sell Cialis over the counter. How come? Well, it’s just that in some countries ED meds are sold without a prescription – and, being based in those countries and working in full accordance with their laws, online pharmacies are allowed to sell these medications to anyone of legal age, without asking for any papers whatsoever.

Lower prices, no prescriptions, door-to-door delivery and so and so on… Looks like buying generic Cialis online is the perfect option, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, we will have to bring you down here – but only to save you from going bananas over the opportunity. See, you really need to keep your eyes open when shopping for Tadalafil-based medications without prescription online. You should only purchase them from reliable drugstores where you are 100% sure you won’t get any counterfeit or low-quality meds. But how can you tell a good online pharmacy from a bad one? Read on – this is exactly what the next part of our article is dedicated to.

Is buying Cialis online safe?

Even though there are lots of people who consider buying Cialis online, far not all of them actually do it. And the main reason why they don’t do it is obvious – there are so many sources claiming that Internet-based pharmacies cheat people that you can’t help but wonder whether what they are saying is true or not. Here in this article we will bust a few myths that state that buying meds online is a generally bad idea – and also provide several simple guidelines that you need to follow every time you choose an Internet pharmacy over a land-based one.

First of all, it’s important to understand that online pharmacies are 100% legal businesses that are not forbidden by law in the US or most other countries of the world. Ordering meds from an online pharmacy is not a crime – even when you are ordering from abroad. According to recent studies, around 10 million Americans bring pharmaceutical products with them from their trips abroad every year and there are at least 2 million packages more crossing the border every year as orders from online pharmacies.

However, the legality of ED meds purchased online varies from country to country. For instance, in Mexico, India, most countries of Asia and some countries of Europe it’s perfectly legal to order those on the Internet even without a prescription. In countries like the US and Canada you need to possess an active prescription in order to shop for ED pills online. Thus, whenever a US citizen is receiving mail orders containing controlled substances from abroad, the people at the customs have the right to – but not necessarily will – hold the order up and ask the recipient to present a valid prescription. However, in reality, there are very few orders from abroad getting held up at the customs – those that do attract the attention of the officials are usually really large batches of pharmaceuticals. Thus, if you’re not planning to order yourself a lifetime supply of Cialis this time, you should be 100% safe.

In most of the cases a person ordering from an online pharmacy is not running any risks at all, especially when buying from a large and widely known company like CVS, Wallgreens or Kroeger. Buying from smaller pharmacies, especially those located abroad in countries like Mexico, India, Thailand or South Africa can potentially be risky – but you can avoid virtually any risks simply by checking the background of the drugstore you’re planning to order from. How? Well, first of all, there are countless online pharmacy directories, including ours, where the majority of online pharmacies are listed along with their ratings. Any pharmacy out of our or someone else’s whitelist is okay to buy from – but you should definitely avoid black- and greylisted ones. Besides, always take the time to look up what customers say about this or that Internet-based pharmacy – positive reviews prevailing over negative ones are always a good sign.

Is buying Cialis online legal?

As we have already said above, it is 100% legal to buy Cialis online all around the world – but the process of purchasing this medication will vary from country to country. For example, in many places on the globe you can simply go online, order your ED meds without any prescription whatsoever and have them delivered to your door, no questions asked. However, in other countries, like the US, for instance, you should have a valid prescription in order to do that. We strongly insist that you double check your country’s regulations on whether Cialis is considered a prescription or an OTA drug under its legislation before placing your order online. Sometimes it’s also useful to check what real people are saying about it all online on various forums and in social networks – there might be some recent changes to the laws or other peculiarities that you are not aware of.

Can I buy Cialis online from a US-based pharmacy?

Yes, you definitely can – but there are certain things that you should be aware of when doing that. First of all, make sure you have your prescription ready – most US-based pharmacies will ask you to fill it in when you try to buy Cialis from them. There are also a few resources (including the official site of Cialis itself) that will give you a special voucher, which you will need to take to your doctor, get a prescription – and then take this prescription back to the pharmacy and complete your order.

Please, note that there are no legal US-based pharmacies selling generic Cialis online. Eli Lilly and Company holds the exclusive patent for Tadalafil-based ED meds in the States and will remain the monopolist for at least another couple of years. Even though you are free to order generic Tadalafil-based pharmaceuticals from abroad, pharmacies in the US simply don’t have the right to offer them to their customers. Thus, if you run into a drugstore that sells generic Cialis and claims itself to be based in the United States, it’s most definitely a scam.

Also, note that there are very few US-based pharmacies that would deliver your order to you by mail or with a courier. In the majority of cases you will have to visit the land-based drugstore in person and pick your order up. This definitely reduces the convenience of shopping online – but allows to avoid almost all possible cases of fraud.

Summing it all up, we can say that shopping for Cialis online is far not as difficult or dangerous as skeptics say it is. It might be challenging in countries where Cialis is considered to be a prescription medication and generic Tadalafil pharmaceuticals are not allowed – but it is still possible and not really risky. And if you’re lucky enough to be currently located in a country where Eli Lilly and Company is not the only one allowed to make Tadalafil and you don’t have to get your doctor’s written approval in order to start treating your ED, then buying Cialis online is as easy as ABC. Still, always make sure you follow the simple rules laid out in this article – this will keep you safe and 100% satisfied with your sex life.

This is the end of our article – hope you found the information included into it useful. Please, don’t hesitate to leave your comments or contact us with any further questions – we will be happy to help. Keep an eye on this site too – there are more articles for Cialis users scheduled for release soon.


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